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Now is the Right Time to File a Lipitor Claim

Have You Filed Your Lipitor Lawsuit?

Have you taken Lipitor and it ended up hurting you?

Have you lost your income due to this cholesterol reducing drug?

Lipitor Lawsuit Lipitor LawyerIf so you may be eligible to file a Lipitor lawsuit and seek reimbursement from the manufacturer, Pfizer Inc. To learn more about hiring a qualified Lipitor attorney, click here.

Despite having all the necessary resources at their disposal, Pfizer Inc. failed to ensure that the drug was safe for consumption. Due to this missing information, thousands of individuals and families in America today are suffering from the severe Lipitor side effects discussed below.

How to file a Lipitor Lawsuit

Filing a Lipitor lawsuit require the guidance of a Lipitor lawyer.

After having assessed your case and pre-determining whether it stands a chance in court, he or she embarks on building a strong case. If your Lipitor lawyer decides you claim is valid, this means that you have a strong chance at winning a settlement from Pfizer, a giant pharmaceutical entity.

Among other legal mandates, the lawyer in charge of your Lipitor lawsuit ensures that:

· The client’s lawsuit application is correctly presented in a court of law and a date for the is hearing set.

· The client provides a credible medical report; this report should be compiled by a certified healthcare professional in order to avoid any conflict of interest.

· The serious Lipitor side effects are largely featured in the lawsuit application; this increases the chance of winning the reimbursement and accessing the necessary medical attention without delay.

· He or she represents the claimant/client to the best of his or her ability; the outcome of the lawsuit is unpredictable but the amount of effort the Lipitor attorney puts into the case can be critical.

· The reimbursement received is substantive and that it can adequately cater for medical fees and other costs incurred because of the Lipitor side effects.

In 2007 alone Pfizer Inc. made $7.7 billion from the sales of this harmful drug. Now is the time for the affected individuals to come forward and pursue litigation by filing a Lipitor lawsuit and confronting Pfizer Inc. head-on.

Hundreds of plaintiffs have already come forward, and the Lipitor lawsuit has been organized into a multidistrict litigation.

Some Lipitor Side Effects are Severe, and Pfizer did not Warn against them

If Lipitor patients had known about the severe side effects of Lipitor, they could have taken preventative measures. Pfizer did not give them that choice.

If Lipitor patients had known about the severe side effects of Lipitor, they could have taken preventative measures. Pfizer did not give them that choice.

Certain side effects have a great bearing on the outcome of the lawsuit. These lawsuits are of a serious nature and they require immediate medical attention.

Owing to this, the presiding Judge will likely want to settle the case without hesitation. Some of the more serious side effects include:

Type II Diabetes

The consumption of Lipitor, and other statins, negatively influences the breaking down and absorption of sugar (glucose) in the bodily cells.

This causes the individual’s blood sugar levels remain high, contributing to the development of type II diabetes.

Lipitor users who have contracted type II diabetes as a result of taking this drug will certainly have the upper hand in court as the causal relationship between Lipitor and type II diabetes has been well established in scientific literature.

Click here to learn more about the Lipitor Type II diabetes crisis.


This condition is characterized by the systematic failure of the muscular system: the victim’s muscles become unusually tender and painful.

Muscles constitute a large part of our bodies, and in the case of rhabdomyolysis the muscles begin to deteriorate or break down. When the individual’s muscles break down, myoglobin is released into the bloodstream, which in turn harms the kidneys. This can lead to acute kidney failure, which can be deadly.

Memory lapse

Visit your doctor immediately if you notice that your memory is failing and that you are unable to recollect even the most recent of activities.

Feature these and other side effects in your Lipitor lawsuit to better your chances of winning the reimbursement you deserve. Contact us for more information; it would be our pleasure to help you fight for your rights as a healthcare consumer.



Lipitor Claims

Filing a Lipitor Claim on Lipitor Side Effects

Lipitor ClaimsLipitor, generically known as atorvastatin, is a drug manufactured by Pfizer which has received a lot of media attention recently for the severe side effects it can cause.

Lipitor was first sold in the market in 1996 for its therapeutic effects on decreasing cholesterol levels. It belongs to a class of drugs known as statins.

Lipitor works by reducing the production of the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase. This enzyme aids in the production of low-density lipoproteins or LDL’s in the liver. LDL cholesterol is more commonly referred to as “bad cholesterol”.

By reducing LDL levels, several forms of disorders affecting the cardiovascular system can be prevented, such as heart attacks. However, recent studies have revealed that Lipitor has several side effects.

Two of the most serious Lipitor side effects include Rhabdomyolysis, a disorder affecting the skeletal muscles, and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Studies have also shown that the medication can affect the brain and cause memory loss, which is characterized by forgetfulness. If you have been using Lipitor for quite some time and have been experiencing untoward side effects, you can file for a Lipitor lawsuit claim against the manufacturer.

How to file a Lipitor claim for cases of Lipitor side effects

Before you can file a claim, you will be assessed by a physician to prove that the signs and symptoms you are experiencing are caused by the use of the Lipitor drug. The symptom you are experiencing must also be proven to be an adverse effect and not usual Lipitor side effects. You will most probably undergo several tests and diagnostic examinations to prove the claim.

When your claim regarding developing disorders from the use of Lipitor has been proven through concrete evidences such as the results of medical diagnostic tests, you can now prepare the law suit. In this case, you will need the help of a good law firm.

It is best for you to seek help from a pharmaceutical litigation specialist. The lawyer will be mediating the case and will make this complicated Lipitor lawsuit a simple and quick process. They will also help you complete the necessary documents needed for filing a Lipitor claim such as personal injury forms and many others.

After completing the forms, your lawyer will be helping you find a good court. You can either go for a federal court or a state court. Your lawyer can provide you with information on which court fits your case best. You can also choose the state on where you will be filing the claim. If you are a resident in a different area with the manufacturer of Lipitor, your party and the defendant’s party will need to settle the court where to file the case. Your lawyer will help you on this.

When the case is filed and the documents are all ready, you will have to wait for your case to be reviewed and for the hearing to be scheduled. Your Lipitor lawyer will be helping you throughout the process and will help you understand every detail of the case. The decision of the case will be revealed after some time and you will collect compensation. The time frame would be explained to you by your lawyer.

It is very important for you to find the best lawyer when filing a Liptor claim against Pfizer, who also have skilled and specialized attorneys. Your chances of winning the case are greatly dependent on your lawyer. If you think you have developed disorders due to the use of Lipitor, then you should file a suit with us at Lipitor Claims.